A 1-day French Invasion

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…and how Manila loved it!

Karpos Multimedia has almost single-handedly managed to capture Manila’s indie crowd. After bringing us last year’s Wanderland, it was only a matter of time before they pulled another rabbit out of the proverbial hat. This time around, it came in the form of Versailles-based group, Phoenix.


A cute moment at their press con

The show took place at the World Trade Center, and despite the venue not exactly being a photog’s cup of tea, the place was packed with quite a range of people. It was strangely cool  walking around the lobby and running into batchmates, young ‘uns and titas alike.


View from the photo pit


I kinda have a crush on Deck. There, I said it.


Giant LED screens. Absolutely beautiful but also a photographer’s worst enemy.

High contrast!

High contrast!

This crazy Thomas jumped right into the crowd!

And he ended up right in front of me!


The rest of the guys kept a safe distance


…and were rewarded with high contrast silhouette shots haha ;)

After the Show

I tagged along with my fellow photographers when the show was over and got a bit of a glimpse of what went on behind the scenes. We also got to meet the band and have our photo passes signed! :)

The photographers! L-R: Kris of Manila Concert Scene, Steph of Karpos Multimedia, me, and Ferdie of Live Gig Asia!

The photographers! Kris of Manila Concert Scene, Steph of Karpos Multimedia, me, and Ferdie of Live Gig Asia! Photo by Kris Rocha!

It was pretty relaxed backstage after the show, everyone fluidly went about their duties like a well-oiled machine. The crew immediately got to work on striking the set:


Never fails to amaze me how quickly these guys do it.

The rest of us got to putter around for a while and see little things like this:


This table was labeled saying not to climb on it.


The schedule/outline! Known in theatre terms as ‘paper tech’

People came out to socialize and chat:


A blurry shot of a special guest


Oh nothing to see here, just chatting about the weather…


The vacated venue. It snowed confetti!

After some time of chatting and buzzing about the epic show, we all decided to call it a day and get going. As expected, Phoenix was a perfect choice for Karpos Multimedia’s first show of the year. We sang, we danced, and we all went home still singing and dancing.


My souvenir of the night :)

My unending gratitude once again to the lovely Philippine Concerts and equally awesome Karpos Multimedia for having me over! It’s so early in the year but Phoenix live in Manila is going to be a tough show to top! Consider this but a preview, folks. I have a feeling Wanderland is gonna blow your minds.


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