Of old school songs and heart-shaped confetti: Michael Buble in Manila

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Ah, Mister Buble. Such a charming gentleman. January 31st brought me to the Mall of Asia Arena to see the man who is arguably the most popular crooner of our (ok fine he’s a little older) generation. The people trickled into venue and before we knew it the Arena was fully packed with fans of all ages.

In terms of classy entrances, man, has Buble got style. No curtain drop or walk-in for Michael Buble, oh no. He ascended to the middle of the stage and, like he was born to be in a tux with a scotch in one hand, effortlessly just slid down the ramp to his mic. 


Pigil the gigil, ladies and gents.

I’ve got to hand it to him, not many people can call someone a crazy bitch and come out of it with their charm completely intact. A fan was holding up a sign declaring she ditched midterms to be there and she got her poster signed as a reward! His irreverence throughout the show simply couldn’t be ignored, as he joked about the pyrotechnics being cool but the rest of the show being “complete shit,” how his wife would cut a fan claiming to be the real Mrs. Buble, and so on. Somehow, it all just worked.


Let’s move on to the actual music, shall we?

Buble plowed through hit after hit, including old favorites like FeverSave the Last Dance for MeFeeling Good, and That’s All. Aside from yours truly who was relentlessly brainwashed with my parents’ music way back when, I spotted quite a lot of Manila’s Titos and Titas thoroughly enjoying the old classics.

He also performed a handful of his originals that were equally welcome. Bouncy favorites Haven’t Met You Yet and Everything were in the mix, along with my personal favorite, Home.

The highlight of the night, however, was an extra special trick up Mr. Buble’s sleeve. A certain gentleman named Tim provided a much-appreciated 5-minute heads up to go to the B-stage. Accompanied by his touring pals Naturally 7, Michael made his way to our area to sing a little mashup of The Beatles’ All You Need is Love and Burning Love… which I admittedly recognized from the movie Lilo and Stitch. Mysterious Tim, if the universe someday leads you to this post, thank you.

ANYWAY, there he was in the middle of the song when BLAM! Nay, it was more like WHOOOOOSSSHHHH~~~~

CONFETTI. BLIZZARD. Oh and not just any confetti blizzard, HEART SHAPED CONFETTI BLIZZARD. These people thought this stuff through.

Aw yeaaah

Aw yeaaah

If you’ve been following my concert adventures for a while, dear reader, you’ll know how much of a sucker I am for a good confetti blizzard. And what a confetti blizzard this one was. They were sending out jets of extra air from every corner of the arena to make sure everyone was a part of the paper awesomeness. The feels were as all-over-the-place as the confetti.

I. Was. This. Close.

I. Was. This. Close.


I’ve probably already used way too many words to try describing this night. As your TL;DR dear reader, here it is: when he returns, it would be a grave mistake to miss him.


Thank you Wilbros and Philippine Concerts for bringing me to Michael Buble live in Manila!

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