Photos: Manila goes MAD for Kimbra

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Why hello there, cyberspace! Yes I know it’s been a while, if you’ve been following my Facebook page, you’ll know that I am in fact still alive and that I still love you ♥  An upcoming post will do all the explaining for me but today is not about where I’ve disappeared to. Let’s talk about Jack TV’s MADfest 2014!


Can you hear the collective sigh of everyone in front of her?

It all began when I got an unexpected invite to Kimbra‘s press conference (thank you, Kooky!), which of course I could never pass up. I therefore packed up my camera and hauled my cousin and Kimbra-aficionado, Anna to the uncharacteristically bright Aracama for the noontime conference. We ate, we drank, we made friends, we met Kimbra, and we were pretty damn merry.



Our arrival at the MOA Concert Grounds was immediately greeted by all kinds of installations and artwork. Some of them were cute, some of them were outlandish, all of them were awesome.

Speaking of awesome artwork, I had the pleasure of running into friends from school who are responsible for this beautiful creation!

Speaking of awesome artwork, I had the pleasure of running into friends from school who were responsible for this beautiful creation!

The concert was well underway by the time I got there as local wave-makers like Cheats, Sinyma, Kate Torralba, and Chocolate Grass graced us with a musical buffet of styles and sounds. An interesting deviation from the usual music fests was that in between sets were moments of comic relief by Comedy Cartel and poetry by the talented Kooky and Richard Tuason.

IMG_1709 IMG_1758





We were also graced by a handful of living OPM legends! You know, the ones whose songs you’d patch together the chords of to sing with your friends back in high school. Admittedly I couldn’t help going a little crazy in the photo pit when the likes of SandwichImagoKjwan, et al got onstage to show us all how it’s done.




One sick stagedive by Mr Marasigan






By the stroke of midnight, it was time at last for the lovely Kimbra. Minutes before she began her set, security pulled us aside for a quick briefing where they unveiled the challenge of the night: we didn’t have to just adhere to the 3-song shooting rule, we were also only allowed to shoot for thirty seconds for each of the first three songs. Sooo I basically had 90 seconds to capture the essense of Kimbra’s set in Manila. If I happened to be wearing boots at the time I would’ve been shaking in them. 



kimbra4 watermarked

We were asked to put our cameras away once the 90 seconds were up, but the magic that followed had me wishing I could continue shooting every single moment of Kimbra’s set! Fireworks, a crazy confetti blizzard, more great music, and lots and lots of (not necessarily good) dancing ensued, making MADfest one heck of a night.

For the full album and show writeup, keep on your radar, cause it’s coming right up! :)

Many thanks to Jack TV, Kooky Tuason, and Philippine Concerts for sending me to MADfest 2014! You guys are the bees knees. The cat’s pajamas. The real McCoy. The eel’s ankle. The caterpillar’s spats. Ok I’m out of roaring ’20s references, stopping now.


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