Caronia Music Festival: The Sound of Color

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The minute I found out about this campaign, I knew in a heartbeat that I had to write about it. Caronia and I, we go way back. As in waaaaaay back. I’m pretty sure I can safely say that the first bottle of nail polish I ever bought (it was purple, if you must know) was by the very same brand. The giddiness of smuggling home that little purple bottle and swiping that brush across my nails is a feeling permanently ingrained in the dusty ol’ history books of time.

But this post is not about 10-year-old Carla sneakily coloring her nails, no. This post is about the music festival that is brewing right beneath your nose, dear reader!

As we were happily going about our lives, Team Caronia was holding an exclusive pre-launch for this campaign entitled The Sound of Colorwhich is but a whisper of things to come.

Their launch had these adorable stations, where you could get your nails done in styles inspired by different musical genres. I suppose with the presence of over 70 hues you can achieve pretty much anything your funny minds can dream up, right?

Performing their own rendition of the Caronia song was none other than Gracenote, fellow girls and guys at the rock show!

Which brings us to the main event…

”So what’s all this about a festival?!”, you ask? Well, here’s the sitch:

Caronia is inviting aspiring bands to compete for a chance to win seventy thousand smackers along with a slot to perform at a live concert in November! Finalists will compete on finale night at the SM Skydome along with other top local bands in the industry. The lineup is still a mystery at this point, but there’s loads of time for us to find out ;)

Let’s sit back for a moment and watch this informative video from our sponsors:

Done watching? Great, now that you’ve got the details, I don’t see what’s stopping you from telling your band (or your friend who has a band, or your cousin’s girlfriend’s neighbor’s classmate who has a band, you get the picture.) to seize this opportunity to jumpstart their presence in the music scene, rub shoulders with some famous acts, and of course go home a whopping P70,000 richer.

>>> Find out more about the show and the contest here! <<<

Best of luck, ladies!

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